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At Couplesy, we’re passionate about helping couples connect more deeply, communicate effectively, and keep the spark alive in their relationships. We believe that strong, healthy relationships are the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life, and we’re dedicated to providing tools and resources that empower couples to thrive.

Our Story: Inspired by Real-Life Connections

The idea for Couplesy was born from the experiences of our founders, CHIEN DANG, who saw firsthand the challenges and rewards of navigating relationships. We witnessed the power of effective communication, the importance of shared goals and values, and the joy of maintaining a strong emotional connection. We also saw the need for accessible and engaging tools to support couples at all stages of their journey together.

Our Mission: Empowering Couples to Build Lasting Love

Our mission is to empower couples to build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. We do this by providing a user-friendly app packed with features that encourage communication, spark intimacy, and foster deeper understanding. Whether you’re newly dating, engaged, married, or somewhere in between, Couplesy is here to support you on your journey together.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe what sets us apart is our focus on creating a holistic approach to relationship health. Our app goes beyond just communication tips; we offer features that address various aspects of your relationship, including:

Daily Relationship Check-In:

Share thoughts, feelings, and experiences, fostering communication, understanding, and intimacy effortlessly.

Watch Movies Together: Break the barriers of distance with Couplesy’s innovative “Watch Movies Together” feature. Synchronize your movie-watching experience in real-time, turning every movie night into a shared adventure.

Listen to Music Together: Elevate your connection through the universal language of music. Couplesy allows you to synchronize playlists, creating a harmonious auditory experience that transcends the miles between you. Discover new songs together and let shared melodies strengthen the rhythm of your love.

Create Memories Together: Capture and cherish moments with your partner, building a digital scrapbook of your journey together. Celebrate milestones, embrace the ordinary, and create a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime.

Relationship Tracker: Couplesy goes beyond the ordinary with a powerful Relationship Tracker. Empower your connection by monitoring time spent together, reviewing daily check-ins, and gaining deep insights into your relationship.

Couples Games & Love Games: Add fun to your relationship with engaging games designed for pairs. Couplesy is your go-to companion for fostering meaningful connections, whether you’re starting your romantic adventure or navigating the twists and turns of love.

Join the Couplesy Community!

We believe in the power of community. By joining Couplesy, you become part of a supportive network of couples who are all on the same journey. We offer a platform for connection and shared experiences, where you can learn from each other and celebrate your victories.

Ready to Build a Stronger Relationship?

Download Couplesy today and start your journey toward a happier, healthier relationship. We’re confident that our app can make a positive impact on your connection and help you build the love story you deserve.

Contact Us

We’re always here to help! If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Couplesy Team

Couplesy is owned by MINU PTE. LTD & WIIN, LTD.

Email: [email protected]

Headquarters: 470 North Bridge Road, #05-12 Bugis Cube, Singapore (188735)

US Address: 131 Continental Drive Suite 305 Newark DE 19713, United States

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